1. Eugene Belikov, Banking Lawyer, Moscow, Russia
“It’s really a fresh idea to learn Legal English not just with a native speaker, but with a lawyer. Excellent knowledge of legal institutions, elements of comparative law, meticulous attention to understanding used terms, relaxed conversation and a lot of fun - all this you can get from the LEP lessons. I recommend the Legal English courses for practising lawyers and for personal enrichment."

2. Svetlana Kovalyova, Company Lawyer, Moscow, Russia
“I’m the head of the legal department for my company. My LEP lessons help me improve my Legal English, to be more confident in conversation when I am communicating with international lawyers, and also in legal writing and analysis. I recommend LEP because their teachers have the specialist legal knowledge and vocabulary required for a Legal English course, which they then deliver in a nice friendly atmosphere.”
3.Jinjiang Li, Doctor, Zigong, China
“I am so thankful and grateful for my LEP teacher who is compassionate, caring and has amazing patience. His unique way of delivering English classes and customizing learning materials according to his students' needs really made a difference. I was always looking forward to my lessons every week. Now I am a doctor in the U.S. in the field of Sports Chiropractic serving hundreds of people around me. I could not have got to this place without my lessons with LEP. My LEP teacher went above and beyond and is truly a great friend and coach!"

4 Yana Kruglyanskaya, Patent Lawyer, Moscow, Russia
“I’m a patent attorney and need to use English every day in legal correspondence and negotiations. LEP teachers manage to easily and effectively present material in lessons even when I am tired or have little time. My Legal English vocabulary is increasing and I already feel more confident in correspondence and negotiations. LEP teachers have a talent to make lessons easy and fun which is very important to me.”

5. Haixiao Wang, Compliance Manager, Shanghai, China
“My LEP teacher does not only teach me the language but also stimulates my curiosity and opens my mind to other cultures. For his teaching, he is extremely patient, detail oriented and always covers all bases. He always helps you find out your weakness and strong points, and further to explore your real interests. He is a great mentor, teacher and a friend.”

6. Igor Kovalenko, Petroleum Engineer, Tyumen, Russia
“Having lessons by Skype has saved me a lot of time in my busy working day. My Business English has improved significantly after only taking two months of lessons. I was able to contact foreign colleagues, and I was finally promoted at work! Thank you LEP for everything, for your professional skills, flexibility and individual approach in teaching me English.”

7. John Salvatierra Vásquez, Medical Student, Peru
“I enjoyed my classes because they were extremely well planned and this showed in the teaching. My LEP teacher helped me in error correction. Whenever I made a mistake my teacher would take the time to go through the mistake with me to help me understand where I went wrong. I would recommend LEP teachers because they take the time to develop genuine relationships with their students. Their rapport in the classroom motivates students to work harder to become successful English speakers."

8. Diana Tarasova, In house Lawyer, Moscow, Russia
“My LEP course helped me gain the practical knowledge of the Legal English which I use and apply in work. I enjoyed having the skype lessons after my working day. I recommend this course to anyone who wants a good result in a short space of time, and to anyone who wants to use Legal English whilst working with other professionals.”

9. Jackeline Apumayta Villavicencio, Cusco, Peru
“LEP have great teachers. I really liked their classes because they made them easy to understand. They always used many examples and had everyone participate. They helped me a lot with my pronunciation.”

10. Polina Philippova, aged 11, Moscow, Russia (English for Children)
“I like my lessons with my LEP teacher as they’re not like my lessons at school. I can’t use any Russian words in my lessons and this has really helped me with my English. I have recommended lessons with LEP to all of my friends who want to speak English fluently.”

11. Veronika Eremenko, Doctor, Irkutsk, Russia
“I would like to thank my LEP teacher. She's not only a highly qualified English teacher, but a nice, friendly, easy to talk to, enthusiastic, intelligent and open-minded person. She uses amazing techniques to get me excited about the lesson, and encourages me to speak and express my opinion. Her lessons are creative and interesting. It is important that my teacher absolutely loves teaching and I am happy to be one of her lucky students!”

12. Liliya Khalabuda, NGO Leader, Kazan, Russia
“LEP’s lessons are an efficient practise of English and include practise with grammar and pronunciation. My general English lessons have included interesting conversations, from which I have learned a lot about how people live in modern Britain. We learn both British and American English which I have found useful. I usually have my English lessons after a working day and so I am often tired when I start my lessons. However I always finish my lessons with a burst of energy and in a good mood.”

13. Nataliya Sisoeva, Project Manager, Solnechnogorsk, Russia
“My weakness in English is speaking. My LEP teacher helped me develop my abilities and I now feel more confident while speaking and make less mistakes. My Business English lessons are very exciting and I have learnt many new words and idioms. Lessons by Skype have saved me a lot of time which is very important nowadays.”