Terms & Conditions

When you register with Legal English Plus, you and we accept the following terms and conditions. Some of these terms and conditions are required by UK law. Please email or call us if anything contained in this agreement is not clear


‘You’ means the client who wishes to join a course of study with Legal English Plus as a registered client.

‘We’ and ‘Us’ means Legal English Plus.

“Website” means the website of Legal English Plus.

‘Course’ means the period of time You will spend on a single course as described on our Website.


(i) We retain the right to alter our pricing structure to react to market changes.

(ii) All reasonable effort will be made to ensure that updates to the Website takes place on a regular basis however we make no guarantee.

(iii) We use state of the art technology to deliver access to the course material, which is compatible with most internet browsers. We are not liable, and are not obliged to waive the fees, if you cannot view the content due to firewalls, other hardware or software issues within your organization, or failure of any technology used by you.


Payment is due for all or part of the courses for which payment is required before the course will commence. Where payment for part only of the total course price has been paid then the course will terminate if the balance or further agreed part of the total course price is not paid before the commencement of the remainder of the course.


(i) The fee paid covers access to the courses for which payment is required for the agreed number of subscribers. Further copying or onward distribution of the courses and materials is forbidden.

(ii) Registration with Legal English Plus permits the person or organization registering to access the free content on the Legal English Plus website for the time being.


(i) Our obligation is to use reasonable care in the selection of our speakers, teachers, trainers, authors and others involved in the delivery of courses, seminars and training, having regard to their status within the profession. We may substitute speakers for the advertised speaker in the event of cancellation by the speaker or other matters making it impractical to use the advertised speaker.

(ii) Neither we, nor our speakers, are liable for any errors or omissions in the content of their presentations.


(i) If You wish to cancel or re-arrange a private individual lesson, then You must do so before 8 hours from the commencement of the lesson. If You cancel or re-arrange a lesson within 8 hours of the commencement of the lesson, then You are considered to have taken the lesson and no refund shall be paid to you. Legal English Plus can use its discretion on this policy depending on the reason given by You for the cancellation.

(ii) If You wish to cancel your attendance in a group lesson, then You are considered to have taken that lesson as group lessons cannot be re-arranged due to the other clients attending the lesson, and so no refund shall be given to You. You can request the course material for the missed lesson to read in your own time.

(iii) We want You to be confident and happy about your course and the decision to purchase it and to study with Legal English Plus. If, however, You decide to change your mind and want to cancel the course before it starts, or part way through, then we will refund the unused portion of any payments You have made less any payment transfer fees, and subject to the return of any course materials.

(iv) Should a class, seminar or other training be cancelled by Us due to low numbers of participants or other clients leaving the course, We will arrange for the return of the unused portion of your advance payments as quickly as possible and no later than 14 days from the date of cancellation.


We are not liable for refunds or any costs incurred by You due to the frustration of contract caused by a force majeure event.


(i) We have a very straightforward Complaints Policy, allowing both the clients and Legal English Plus to deal quickly and openly with any complaints. The more open and communicative clients are with Us, the quicker we can change any points or procedures which are causing a problem, allowing Us to provide better service and become more successful. We believe the best way to give the highest level of service is to listen and respond to our clients’ views, requirements and opinions.

(ii) If You make a complaint or express dissatisfaction we will respond within 48 business hours and try to resolve the issue within 5 working days. Our response will comprise a full explanation including any action We will take, plus, if it’s our fault, an apology and recompense.