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Legal English Plus (LEP) is an innovative international on-line language school aimed at offering high-quality, reasonably priced, and effective English courses to lawyers and business-people worldwide. Our goal is to capitalize on the global demand for specialized English language learning, while maintaining a commitment to exceed client expectations. We seek to become a brand name in international language learning and a practical alternative to traditional classroom study.
Aumeneh Boardman is a lawyer, teacher, and the founder of Legal English Plus (LEP). Aumeneh has been a practising lawyer in Great Britain since 2003. In 2012, her desire to see the world and take on new challenges led her to becoming a teacher of English as a foreign language. She left behind the fast-paced life of law for the serene beauty of Cusco, Peru, and it was here where the idea of LEP came to light. If she was to combine her skills as a lawyer and a teacher to teach specific Legal English courses to international lawyers and other business professionals, it would help meet a huge demand.

With a deep understanding of clients’ professional needs, Aumeneh worked to developed specific English courses tailored to the legal profession and aimed at providing clients with the practical knowledge and skills required in their international legal careers. While specific areas of law are important to many clients, Aumeneh’s experience illuminated the need for a general foundation in legal English that would ensure students in specialty courses could succeed. The LEP “Foundations” course was developed by her with this in mind.

LEP prides itself on providing a superior learning experience both with regards to course content and methodologies. Aside from specialized content, we train our teachers to be mindful of our clients’ need to build confidence, practise good pronunciation, and improve overall fluency in an atmosphere that is comfortable, relaxed, and fun. Lessons also contain test preparation for the TOLES (Test of Legal English Skills) and the BEC (Cambridge Business English Certificate). While lessons are structured around essential language points and terminology, we build flexibility into each course so that students can achieve personal aspirations and goals. Our experience proves that this student-centred approach yields the best results.

Since being founded in 2013, LEP has continued to expand. The school has now employed a number of other lawyers and business consultants to teach its specialized legal and business English courses. Course material continues to be developed and refined over time with lawyers, business consultants, and students contributing in every step of the process. With the global demand for specialty English language courses only growing, the staff of LEP see a bright future ahead not only for the company, but also and most especially, for their clients. Legal English Plus thrives on the success and achievements of its clients, and prides itself on providing excellent client satisfaction and service.