LEP English for Children - Private One to One Lessons
ONLY: $ 249.00
Price - $249 10 lessons (10% discount for new customers) including a native speaker
Children require a different approach to language learning that compliments their state of development and age. Effective coursework must appropriately shift between focused practice and interactive exercises to keep children constantly attentive and engaged. LEP English for Children is designed around this understanding and introduces general English topics in a way that captures attention and is fun. Conversation topics include school, hobbies, family outings, TV/film/music, birthday parties and holidays/travel with fun and interesting child focused exercises and activities.

As our world becomes increasingly connected and integrated, the importance of early language learning cannot be stressed enough. LEP English for Children is the perfect supplement to other forms of study, and will provide children with an added advantage to those only studying through traditional classroom methods and at overseas summer camps. Lessons are on a rolling basis, and can be specifically tailored by parents and children based on the individual needs and goals of the child including the preparation for a specific English test or exam.
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