Aumeneh Boardman
Solicitor/Lawyer | Founder of Legal English Plus | Nationality - British
Aumeneh's initial career began as a solicitor (lawyer) when she spent nine years practising law in Great Britain. During this time, she was employed by three separate top tier law firms in the country. She practised different areas of law including family law, civil litigation and probate, whilst conducting her own advocacy at court. She managed substantial and demanding case loads, and represented high profile domestic and international clients. In 2010 she was responsible for the development of a new successful legal department in Cardiff city centre.
Daniel Hartman
Business Consultant | Nationality - American
Daniel is a highly skilled professional with more than 7 years experience in teaching and international business consulting. Daniel is a specialist in contracts and subcontracts management, financial management, and procurement as well as a certified ESL teacher. He has been working in Washington, DC as a business consultant since July of 2010 and recently joined LEP as a Business English teacher. Daniel's work in business development has given him experience in a diverse set of countries including Iraq, Jordan, the Republic of Georgia, The Philippines, and South Africa
Barnabas Borbely
Solicitor/Lawyer | Nationality - British
Barnabas is a solicitor(lawyer) with over ten years of legal experience, and a highly successful entrepreneur. He graduated with a Master of Laws from the London School of Economics & Political Science, and after qualifying as a lawyer he commenced his legal career in the private sector at a law firm in the UK. However, his passion and commitment to his other interest of social care, and his desire to begin his own business, led him to found a company which provides care, support and housing for people with learning disabilities in the UK.
Claire Cooper
Solicitor/Lawyer | Nationality - British
Claire has spent 7 years practising law in England and Wales. She is recognized both domestically and internationally for her technical ability and for promoting skills in others across family law, civil litigation, elderly client care, wills and probate law. She has proven experience in strategic planning, negotiating, and client advocacy.  She is a self-motivated professional with a drive and talent to tailor advice and guidance in legal subjects into clear language. She is a driven and observant individual keen to develop and improve both herself and others.
Victoria Gower
Qualified Teacher | Nationality - British
After graduating from the University of Surrey with a First Class Honours Degree, Victoria embarked on a career in Marketing. She secured a Marketing Manager position at Vodafone UK, a global telecoms company in 2009. Victoria spent a successful two years at Vodafone, and was a renowned staff member gaining three promotions in addition to being awarded two awards for her dedication and hard work.  Her BSc in Business Management along with her experience in the corporate world has given her the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively teach business English.
Rachael Taylor
Qualified Teacher | Nationality - British
After graduating in 2008 from Newcastle University with a BA honours degree in English Literature, Rachael embarked on a venture of founding her own business – “Feel-Good Cakes”, a specialist cake business incorporating her novel concept of using vegetables as the base for her cake recipes.  She was the sole proprietor and manager of her business handling all aspects of the endeavour. Rachael however had a longstanding desire to teach, and in 2012, she began her training as an English teacher at an organisation in Sheffield.
Betsy Lampo
Qualified Teacher | Nationality - American
After graduating from Salisbury University in 2008, Betsy began teaching in a high school setting in Maryland, US, where she continued to teach children grades 9-12 for the next five years.  During that time she earned her Master’s degree in Leadership and Teaching and completed her Administration and Supervision certification. On one of her vacations from teaching, she took a trip to Guatemala to continue her studies of the Spanish language. In that month, Betsy fell in love with the people and traditions of the country, and vowed someday to return.