International lawyers and business people, Legal English Plus (LEP) is your gateway into the career of your dreams. Equip yourself with the essential skills required for a career in international law by the LEP "Foundations" course. After laying a foundation in Legal English, turn your focus to your specialty area and take your career to new heights!
  • What We Offer
  • Why We Are Different
• Online Legal English course, including our unique "Foundations" course as well as specialty courses in niche Legal areas.
• Courses by Skype or video conference in private or group lessons.
• Legal English courses written and delivered by our experienced lawyers.
• Teachers who are lawyers, business consultants, or have specialist training.
• Teachers who are experienced and native speakers of English.
• Convenient study from the comfort of your own home, at times that suit you, without the additional cost of travelling to the UK or USA.
• Cheaper and more flexible options than competitors without compromising on quality.
• Webinar courses created by our lawyers, which you can download at your own convenience.
• Business and General English to supplement our more specialized legal courses.
• English courses designed for children.
• A certificate at the completion of each course.
• We are a British owned and operated language school with the exceptional quality and service expected of British businesses.
• We offer high-quality flexible courses written, developed, and delivered by our experienced lawyers and business consultants from England and the US.
• Our comprehensive "Foundations" course is a unique offering that provides practical English for lawyers, used in everyday work as a legal practitioner.
• Our curriculum is distinctive in that it focuses on the British legal system while also covering specific legal practices and vocabulary common to the US system.
• Our interactive courses feature multimedia and audio content resulting in interesting and accelerated learning.
• We are the only online language school offering class sizes of no more than 4 students. Smaller class sizes equal more teacher-student
interaction resulting in much faster progress.
• We have a high success rate in providing our clients with the knowledge and skills required in their international legal and business careers.
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